Legal advice in the event of a road traffic accident

Having been involved in a road accident, every driver or road user faces many legal issues and complexities. We offer a Road Traffic Accident Legal Advice service to provide professional legal assistance in such situations. Our team can help you understand all aspects of the accident and provide qualified support at every stage of the incident's resolution.

Legal advice in the event of a road traffic accident

In which cases legal advice in road traffic accidents is particularly necessary:

● When the circumstances surrounding a road traffic accident are complex or controversial. ● When there are disagreements between parties involved in a road traffic accident or insurance companies. ● If there is a need for evaluating damages and providing aid for compensation. ● When defence of rights and interests in court proceedings is required. ● When there is a need for professional assistance in accident investigations by law enforcement authorities.

Service includes:

Initial consultation: Determining the legal position and analysing the circumstances of the accident. If necessary, our legal advisors can additionally offer other necessary services:

Preparation of documents

Assistance in drafting statements, explanations, complaints, and gathering necessary documents for insurance companies and law enforcement agencies.

Insurance counselling

Assistance with insurance payments and communicating with insurance companies.

Legal representation

Representation of the customer's interests in negotiations with other parties involved in a road traffic accident, insurance companies and in court.

Advice on compensation for damages

Advice on assessing road traffic accident damage and how to recover damages.

We value the trust of our customers and guarantee an individual approach, confidentiality and a high level of professionalism of our specialists. Your safety and the protection of your rights are our priority.