Wheel replacement

Every driver may face the need for on-site wheel replacement at the most inappropriate moment. While the most car owners have a clue of how to replace a wheel on their own, sometimes circumstances are such that the help of specialists is required.

A wheel replacement service may be needed in the absence of necessary gear, such as a jack, inadequate clothes for such work, and many other reasons. In such cases, the best way out of the situation is to call a road assistance service.

One can determine the need to replace a flat tire by specific features. For example, the appearance of unusual noises coming from tires when driving may indicate minor damages. However, if the car becomes wobbly, starts to deviate to the right or left, then this may indicate a serious problem. If you continue driving to your destination point with a flat tire, you risk damaging the wheel rim and even getting into an accident.

Wheel replacement

We provide on-site wheel replacement services throughout the entire territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In the following cities: Almaty wheel replacement, Astana wheel replacement, Aktau wheel replacement, Aktobe wheel replacement, Atyrau wheel replacement, Zhezkazgan wheel replacement, Karaganda wheel replacement, Kokshetau wheel replacement, Konaev wheel replacement, Kostanay wheel replacement, Kyzylorda wheel replacement, Pavlodar wheel replacement, Petropavlovsk wheel replacement, Rudny wheel replacement, Semey wheel replacement, Taldykorgan wheel replacement, Taraz wheel replacement, Turkestan wheel replacement, Uralsk wheel replacement, Ust-Kamenogorsk wheel replacement, Shymkent wheel replacement, Ekibastuz wheel replacement.

On-site wheel replacement

We understand that unexpected emergencies can happen at the most inappropriate moment. That is why we are always here to offer you a quick and professional road or highway wheel replacement.

Road wheel replacement

Regardless of your location, whether it is an urban street or a quiet cozy courtyard, LiTRO Roadside Assistance Service is ready to help you. At such moments, it is important to have reliable and professional specialists on your side who will cope with the problem quickly and efficiently. Our experienced specialists will quickly and safely replace the wheel right on site.

Highway wheel replacement

The situation with a flat tire is most dangerous on the highway, especially at night. But don't worry! Our highly qualified mechanics are equipped with all the necessary gear and knowledge to replace the wheel on the highway as quickly and safely as possible and let you continue your trip. The trip of a roadside truck outside the administrative boundaries of cities is charged extra – 400 tenge per 1 km.

On-site wheel replacement cost

We provide wheel replacement services at low prices to make the maintenance of your car as affordable as possible. Regardless of your car model, you can count on our favorable rates. Choose the LiTRO service for reliable and inexpensive wheel replacement.

24 hours wheel replacement

Our professional wheel replacement services are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what time of day you find yourself in a difficult situation with your car, our experienced specialists are ready to arrive and replace the wheel round-the-clock.

Wheel replacement on weekends

Our service provides wheel replacement services even on weekends and holidays. When taking the road, remember that LiTRO will always help.

Wheel replacement at night

Wheel problems can occur at any time of the day, so we offer wheel replacement services at night. Reliability, safety and accessibility are what you will get turning to us to replace the wheel at night.

What do you need to replace the wheel?

How to remove the wheel correctly?

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