Computer diagnostics
Computer diagnostics

The on-site computer diagnostics service for any malfunction of your car is not only convenient, but also profitable. The experience has proven that many issues can be solved on the spot, meaning the possibility to save money for the tow truck service.
Modern diagnostic equipment and the experience of our technicians will help to quickly find the cause of a failure in the vehicle and eliminate it if possible. Universal scanners allow diagnostics of electronic control systems in cars of various brands. Even if it is not possible to eliminate the malfunction on the spot, you will receive comprehensive information about the cause of the breakdown and recommendations from our repair experts.
Use the service "On-site computer diagnostics of a car" in the following cases:
the engine suddenly died out
the gearbox does not shift gears or there is a knock, jerks
the check lit up
the car won’t start
the engine began to work unevenly, the power decreased
the increased fuel consumption
ABS, ESP, etc. does not run
the failure of climate control or cruise control
other problems with the electronics.
The service of on-site computer diagnostics will also be invaluable when buying a used car. You don't have to waste your time for the trip and waiting at the car service center. In half an hour you will know everything about the condition of the car and make the sound decision faster.

The cost of providing services outside the city consists of the cost of providing services and the cost of serviceman travel outside the city (on the highway) - 250 KZT per 1 km.