Fuse replacement

Fuse replacement

When is it time for replacing a fuse?

If you suddenly find that your car’s headlights or fog lights do not light on, or you encounter a failure of other electrical devices, the first thing to do is to check the status of the fuses. Do not rush out to replace the major components such as a heater, bulb or other electrical equipment such as a fuel pump or fan. After all, the cause of disability is often a failed fuse, which costs much less than other car parts. In addition to significant cost savings, well-timed fuse replacement can prevent more major failures, as well as protect your car from short circuits and potential fire hazard.

Causes of fuse failure

The word itself explains why this small part is in need: it protects the various car mechanisms from excessive overloads. Technically it “absorbs” the blow, preventing failure of the entire electrical wiring of the car. Let us look at why a fuse is blowing: the current load begins to grow inside the car’s electric motor, resulting from the failure of the fuses, since this is their purpose to prevent boosting. A wrong model (too weak) cannot manage the assigned tasks and fails. Poor fixing in the unit slot. In the course of time, fuses cease to perform their functions (provisional aging). The reduced capacity to resist of one unit provokes a load increase on the other. Vibrations, overheating, various shocks can reduce the fuse cross-section.

Why do fuses fail?

Fuses in the car serve as overload protection, “absorbing the blow” and preventing major failure to the entire system. Common failure causes • Increased current load Internal faults can lead to current step-up, which is a signal to replace the fuse. • Wrong fuse type Wrong fuse selection leads to its fast failure. • Loose fixing A loose connection in the fuse box can cause problems. • Aging of material In due course of time, fuses lose their effectiveness. • Overheating and mechanical damage External factors such as shocks and vibrations can impair the performance of fuses.

How to correctly replace a fuse?

Location and identification of fuses Most cars have two fuse boxes: one under the hood and another under the dashboard. Identifying failed fuses and replacing them is not a difficult task. This process is much more cost effective than purchasing new spare parts or repairs. Therefore, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the location of the fuse boxes in your car in advance; one can find them in the user manual.

Safety comes first Before starting work, make sure that the car’s ignition is off. It is important to remember that fuses should only be replaced with ones of similar amperage, size and color to avoid wrong connection and possible breakdowns. Usually there is a diagram on the fuse box cover indicating the purpose of each fuse and its current rating. If it becomes clear that the blown fuse is of a different rating than specified one, it may have been replaced incorrectly, which resulted in its failure.

Final check Having replaced any faulty fuses, it is important to make sure that all electrical equipment is functioning correctly. If problems persist, it is recommended to contact specialists for further repairs or replacement of necessary units and assemblies.

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