Delivery of fuel

Fuel delivery service is your support on the road at any time.

Are you in a delicate situation on the road due to lack of fuel? The fuel delivery service is available 24 hours a day and is intended to quickly resolve your problem so you can continue your way.

There are some cases that may require fuel delivery (whether diesel or petrol) and they often occur unexpectedly and require immediate attention.

• Find yourself stuck in a traffic jam and there is no petrol left in the tank? • Did you miss the mark and fail to get to the nearest gas station? • Is your fuel level sensor broken and you did not mark how empty the tank was? • Did you forget to check your fuel supply and run out of fuel on the road?

No need to disturb your friends or relatives and no need to rely only on the occasional help of other drivers, because your anticipation may take long. In such situations, a fuel delivery service (petrol or diesel) will be the optimal and quick solution to your problem. LiTRO specialists are ready to quickly deliver the required amount of fuel and refuel your car on site.

Urgent roadside assistance is often in need for the car owners, and although many are able to cope with wheel replacement on their own, searching and delivering fuel if it suddenly runs out can become a real problem. That is why the petrol delivery service is one of the most in-demand among drivers.

Delivery of fuel

Delivery of fuel round the clock

We understand that troubles on the road are unscheduled. That is why our service is provided round the clock, so that you can be sure that at any time of the day or night you will have a reliable assistant.

Delivery of petrol or diesel

We provide a full range of fuel delivery services - whether petrol of various brands or diesel fuel. Your car will be refueled with the necessary fuel to continue your trip safely.

Prompt delivery of fuel

We value your time and offer arrival time of our mechanics within 30 minutes after your call. LiTRO roadside assistance vehicles are located at strategic points throughout the city to minimize waiting times.

When do you need fuel delivery?

What may driving with an empty tank cause?