Car heating – petrol engine

Frozen car components can cause a number of problems - from difficult engine start to damage to key components. Diesel engines are more susceptible to congelation of the fuel system and oils, which can cause serious damage. Petrol engines may experience congelation of the cooling system and oils. The on-site car heating service provides not only comfort, but also the safety of your car. The on-site car heating service means convenience, comfort and quick help for your car in the most extreme climatic conditions.

Car heating – petrol engine

We provide the on-site car heating services throughout the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In the following cities: Almaty car heating, Astana car heating, Aktau car heating, Aktobe car heating, Atyrau car heating, Zhezkazgan car heating, Karaganda car heating, Kokshetau car heating, Konaev car heating, Kostanay car heating, Kyzylorda car heating, Pavlodar car heating, Petropavlovsk car heating, Rudny car heating, Semey car heating, Taldykorgan car heating, Taraz car heating, Turkestan car heating, Uralsk car heating, Ust-Kamenogorsk car heating, Shymkent car heating, Ekibastuz car heating.

On-site car heating

Our professional specialists will quickly arrive at your car’s parking location and safely heat up the petrol engine, technical fluids, fuel system and other components. This service is especially necessary for residents of cold regions, in particular for car owners who do not have the opportunity to park their car in a winterized garage or parking.

Inexpensive car heating

How much is car heating? The LiTRO on-site car heating service is a cost-effective solution in winter conditions. Fast, safe and inexpensive. Our prices will surprise you. Enjoy comfort without extra payment!

How to do a car heating

To heat up a car with a petrol engine, we use a professional heat gun, which directs a powerful stream of warm air to the frozen components of the car. In half an hour your car will be ready for use. And if the car’s battery is discharged due to low temperatures, our mechanics will be able to quickly recharge it as well.

Car heating round the clock

We work for you 24 hours a day and are ready to come to help you at any time, in any weather and outside temperature.

How to heat up a car with your own hands?

You can try to heat up the car using available household appliances. For example, you can try to heat up the car with a hairdryer or electric heater, but, firstly, it will take much longer, secondly, it is inconvenient, since you will have to look for extension cords, and thirdly, it may be unsafe. You should be especially careful if you decide to heat up the car using an open fire. A very large percentage of car fires are associated precisely with improper car heating. Don not take risks, use the on-site heating service for petrol cars.