...What should I do if the car's brakes suddenly fail on the road while driving?

* "Pump" the system⠀

Brakes are an important safety system, so it is divided into two circuits. If there is a problem in one circuit, then the second one may work.

Therefore, you need to intensively press on the pedal (both in the case when it failed, and in the case of its stupor), but not constantly, but with progressive movements, creating pressure in the system.⠀

* By car with manual transmission⠀

You need to apply engine braking, gradually downshifting one by one. At the same time, the clutch pedal must be depressed for a minimum time so that the connection between the engine and the gearbox is not lost.⠀

* By car with "automatic"⠀

Switch to manual mode and gradually reduce the speed as with a manual gearbox.⠀

* "Handbook"⠀

It can be a "handbrake" between the seats or a separate pedal. You need to turn it on smoothly and be ready to let go when the wheels lock.⠀

* Contact braking⠀

This can be done by pulling onto the side of the road or rubbing against the curb. In a critical situation, you will have to slow down into an obstacle. Bushes or snowdrifts are optimal for this, fences and fenders are worse, and the last thing is other cars, poles, stops, etc. But before you send the car into an obstacle, make sure that there are no people nearby.⠀

* Recommendations⠀

If it is impossible to slow down in the usual way, it is important not to panic and not to make very abrupt maneuvers. A sharp change in any vector can lead to a skid, and then the car will no longer be controlled at all.⠀

Warn passengers of the problem. They must be fastened and ready for non-standard situations.⠀

In the event of an emergency, try to inform other road users with sound signals and high beams.⠀