A huge plus of an independent road trip is the opportunity to admire the beauties and sights of our country. Well, many simply cannot part with their car for more than a day, because without a car, it’s like “without hands”. Let's figure out together how to properly prepare for a trip by car and what to take with you on the road.

So what do experienced travelers advise us to do:
* Plan your route in advance, find out from your friends or on the Internet about the quality of the roads in your direction.
* Plan ahead for stops if a long route is expected.
* Check the weather forecast to bring the right clothes and shoes.
* Prepare the car for the trip - do MOT.
* Prepare all gadgets and chargers for them, including car chargers.

And also take the most necessary things with you on the road:
* The documents
* First aid kit
* Cash (just in case)
* Navigator
* Fire extinguisher
* Spare wheel, jack and wrench set
* Compressor for tire inflation

* Warning triangle and reflective vest
* Tow rope
* Auxiliary start wires (for cigarette light)
* Windshield washer fluid
* LiTRO Roadside Assistance Club Card

Call center 5070, single number for Kazakhstan. Situations with a car on the road happen different.

And also such travel trifles: drinking water, a lantern, an umbrella, glass cleaner and a couple of microfiber rags.

Have a nice trip!