Almost every car owner is faced with various legal issues, which they cannot always figure out on their own. Timely professional legal advice will help to avoid mistakes and save time.

Most legal issues can be resolved simply by consulting a legal advisor over the phone.

Call LiTRO Auto Advocate and get a FREE consultation on the following legal issues:

• Lawfulness of video filming of a patrol police officer when the vehicle is stopped

• List of documents to be presented to a police officer when stopping the vehicle

• Algorithm of actions in case of an accident

• Consequences of leaving the scene of an accident

• Receipt of the full amount of the insurance payment

• Disagreement with the assessment of the insurance company

• List of documents for an insurance company

• Compensation for damage when the vehicle gets into a road pit (not through the fault of the car owner)

• Providing information on the assessment of damage to the vehicle in the event of a lack or expiration of the warranty

• Vehicle evacuation to impound lot by police officers

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