We list the main reasons when the police can remove the numbers from the car:

• The numbers are dirty, worn out so that they cannot be read, or installed incorrectly;

• The car has malfunctions and inconsistencies, such as non-working lighting devices or the engine smokes (and the driver is caught for this violation for the second time in a year), the windshield is broken;

• There is an illegal re-equipment: power bumpers, kenguryatniki, gas-balloon equipment of the car or additional light;

• Inspection failed;

• Violated the rules of stopping and parking;

• Became the culprit of an accident. The number can also be taken away from other participants in the accident for unauthorized movement of the car or failure to provide assistance to the victims;

•The participant in the accident fled the scene of the accident. After the location of the fugitive is established, the license plate will be confiscated;

• There is no one license plate, or there is a ban on the operation of the car, as well as if the license plate is fake.

License plates of the car are subject to seizure only in the presence of two witnesses and (or) the owner of the vehicle, while the employee who seizes the numbers is obliged to explain the reason for the seizure to the owner of the car.

It is forbidden to withdraw the state numbers of vehicles in order to recover the imposed fine.