An unpleasant situation for any driver - gasoline in the tank runs out, and the nearest gas station is still far away. What to do and how to get to the gas station without damage to the car?

Don't drive
Try to accelerate smoothly, do not try to change speed, it is also important not to stop, because starting off, you will spend extra fuel. Move as smoothly as possible.

Do not overload the system
Namely, do not turn on devices that you can not turn on now. Leave the climate control and radio alone, even if you can't drive in silence.

Pump up the wheels
Another important life hack: when tire pressure is high, fuel consumption is reduced due to low resistance. So your way out of the situation may be an unscheduled tire inflation.

Well, if you still couldn’t make it to the gas station, call the technical assistance on the LiTRO road using the short number 5070! We will deliver fuel as soon as possible.