The exhaust system of a car is designed to remove the products of combustion of internal combustion engines. But sometimes water can be seen among the products of combustion. Why is this and what it threatens, auto experts explained.

Moisture condensation
The lower the air temperature, the less moisture it can hold. For this reason, in hot weather, bottles with cold water are covered with droplets of moisture, in winter, on the contrary, moisture settles not outside, but inside cooling surfaces, such as a car exhaust pipe.
In winter this should not be a concern if the water disappears quickly enough.

Cylinder block gasket damage
When the gasket breaks or burns out, antifreeze begins to enter the cylinders, which is already a problem. The main symptom will be white smoke from the exhaust pipe, a sweet smell of ethylene glycol and a falling level of antifreeze. If you suspect a gasket break, you need to diagnose the car as soon as possible.

Be careful on the roads!