Friends, we have incredible news for you!

All February PROMOTION 1+1

By purchasing the annual LiTRO Roadside Assistance program in our application, you receive the annual Auto Lawyer Gift program as a gift!

Why is this beneficial?

• Double road safety
Tow truck services, assistance in case of breakdowns and other unexpected events on the road, as well as qualified legal support in case of an accident.

• Saving
Two programs for the price of one - that's double the benefit for the whole year!

What does the Roadside Assistance program include?

• 24-hour technical assistance in all cities of Kazakhstan
• Evacuation of a car in case of an accident or breakdown
• 100 liters of gasoline as a gift
• and much more!

What is the Auto Advocate program?

• Professional legal support
• Assistance in disputes with insurance companies
• Protecting your rights in case of an accident
• Participation in civil court

Don't miss the chance to double your safety and peace of mind while driving!

The promotion is valid until March 1, 2024.

Stay safe on the road, LiTRO is always here to help!