How to check a car before buying. Checklist for the buyer

1. The Check Engine light should turn off a few seconds after the ignition is turned on.

2. When the engine warms up, there should be no extraneous sounds - knocks, rattles, etc.

3. A cold engine should start easily and run smoothly. But high revs at the start are the norm.

4. Black, thick white or bluish smoke from the exhaust pipe is an alarm sign. Normally, when starting the engine, a small cloud of steam, a little condensation, or pale blue smoke may come out of the exhaust pipe.

5. It is better to check the suspension on a rough road, but the dynamics of acceleration, stability and the presence of vibrations are on a flat road.

6. The automatic transmission should work, there should be jerks and freezes.

7. A sensitive brake pedal is the norm, if it has a lot of travel or you need to make an effort to stop, the brakes are not in order.

8. There should be no smell of fuel, exhaust, oil, etc. in the cabin.

Turn off the audio system while driving. It is necessary to listen to the car in motion both with open and closed windows.