A car with low mileage is more expensive than the same car, with a figure of more than 100 thousand on the odometer. Therefore, often sellers "twist" the mileage before selling.

Unfortunately, there is no 100% reliable way to check.
But there are a number of indirect signs that may indicate that the mileage has been twisted.

1. The condition of the interior does not match the mileage: armrests, seats, door handles, gear knob, dashboard buttons are noticeably worn out.

2. Noticeable wear of the pedals to the metal - usually this happens after 100 thousand km.

3. The condition of the units and components under the hood, the wear of the brake discs are also indicators.

4. The timing belt usually needs to be replaced after a mileage of at least 100,000 km. If the belt is new, it's worth finding out why.

5. Often, during maintenance, the masters forget to remove the oil change tags from the engine, the latest data is recorded there. You can see the data in the service book. If, since the last MOT, the odometer readings have not increased or have changed downwards, everything is clear.

Based on one or two indirect signs, it is hardly worth suspecting the seller of dishonesty. But if there are more of them, this is already a reason to doubt the reality of the run.