Top 10 causes of increased oil consumption and what to do about it?

1. Oil leakage through the crankshaft seals, camshafts and gaskets. Solved by replacing these elements.
2. Wear of oil seals. Caps need to be replaced.
3. Use of poor quality oil or the wrong viscosity for the specific engine. The solution is simple - fill in the oil recommended by the manufacturer.
4. Oil cooler leak. It needs to be eliminated.
5. Clogged crankcase ventilation system. System cleanup required.
6. Worn turbocharger seals. They need to be replaced.
7. Wear on valve stems and guide bushings. They need to be replaced.
8. Wear of pistons, cylinders. And this already threatens to overhaul the engine.
9. Wear, breakage or coking (loss of mobility) of piston rings. Requires engine overhaul.
10. Oil leakage into the cooling system. If the gasket is damaged, it is enough to replace it; if a crack appears in the head of the block, this is an engine repair.

Have you noticed that the car consumes oil in large quantities? Do not put off a visit to the car service.