Noise in the engine - why? 🧐
There can be many reasons for noise, and they can occur in different operating modes.
We have prepared a list for you with the most common causes: Constant noise while the engine is running:
• generator belt;
• pump of the cooling system;
• timing elements;
• valve train chain;
• crankshaft;
• diaphragm of the crankshaft pulley;
• connecting rod bearings;
• valve;
• main bearings;
• fuel injectors;
• injection pump for diesel engines.
Noise on startup:
• stretched alternator belt;
• camshaft bearings for diesel engines;
• hydraulic compensators;
• pistons.
Warm up noise:
• pistons;
• for diesel engines - crankshaft;
• hydraulic lifters.
Noise at idle:
• water pump;
• valve train chain.
When you step on the gas:
• generator belt.
When loaded:
• phase shifters;
• valve.
After oil change:
• incorrectly selected or replaced engine oil.
When turning the steering wheel:
• low fluid level in the power steering system or failure of its pump.