• Defrost windshield with hot water

Glass can break from sudden temperature changes. It is best to use a hand-held ice scraper or de-icer.

• Use alcohol instead of anti-freeze

When mixing water and alcohol in the washer reservoir, a completely frost-resistant liquid is obtained, but it can freeze on the windshield while driving, and even the wiper blades can not cope with it. Use only special antifreeze liquids.

• Open doors with force in the cold

On frosty mornings, cars are often covered with frost. Do not jerk the door sharply - damage the rubber seals, and even worse, break the door handle. Remove snow from doors and handles in time and lubricate them with special products.

• Turn on the wipers when the brushes are frozen

By turning on the frozen wiper blades, you risk tearing the seals. Also, in the cold, it is easy to damage the wiper mechanism and the fuse in the electrical circuit.

Clean the ice with a special scraper, wait for the glass to warm up and the brushes to thaw. Better yet, raise the brushes at night and treat the windshield with a special tool.

• Leave gadgets in the car

It's not about crime now) although you shouldn't forget about it either. Smartphones, tablets, stand-alone video recorders and navigators left for a long time in a car in cold weather can fail due to damaged batteries.

• Turn on fog lights in clear weather

Fog lights are effective in fog, and in clear frosty weather they can blind oncoming drivers.
• Turn on windows without warming up the car