During icy conditions, drivers should be especially attentive and careful on the roads. It is very important to keep your distance and speed, avoid difficult maneuvers, and also consider the following recommendations:

1. Choose the right way to brake! Do not try to brake abruptly, in one motion! When driving on icy conditions, there are more suitable ways to stop the car, such as intermittent (intermittently depressing the brake pedal and releasing it completely) or stepped braking.

2. Follow the safety rules when cornering, you must:

• move at low speed;

• avoid braking when cornering;

• when turning and exiting the road, turn the steering wheel very smoothly;

• when stopping the car, reduce the speed to the minimum in advance, and then brake gently.

3. Choose the right technique for maneuvering on ascents and descents. When climbing slippery slopes, select the appropriate gear and speed well in advance.

4. When skidding a car:

• turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid. The back of the car went to the right - you need to turn the steering wheel in the same direction, and vice versa.

• do not press the brake pedal - this may cause the car to lose control.

• do not release the gas pedal sharply - this will only aggravate the skid.