Snow and ice make the behavior of a car on the road less predictable, tire grip worsens.

Let's figure out how to avoid skidding in winter, as well as how to deal with it if the car loses stability.

Of course, the best way to avoid skidding is not to get into it.⠀ A car with high-quality winter tires and a working brake system is more stable on a slippery road.

The main rule that allows you to avoid skidding in winter is not to make sudden efforts on the car controls. You need to turn the steering wheel slowly and sedately, brake in advance and accelerate smoothly, try to choose a safe speed. Remember a number of general recommendations that are universal and suitable for a car with any drive:
• do not use the brake pedal, no matter how instinctively you want to stop the car;
• at the beginning of the skid, turn the wheels in the direction in which the rear of the car goes;
• try to work ahead of the wheel.

The delay in the reaction of even an experienced driver is about 0.5 seconds, and for a novice driver it is more than 1 second;
• Align the drive wheels in advance and be sure to before the car comes into a straight line.

And one more rule: modern cars are equipped with an ESP system. And here it is important not to exceed the physical limit of the machine. Those. that high-speed threshold at which even a well-functioning exchange rate stability system will not be able to get the car out of a skid.

Be careful on the roads