...Frozen door handles, problems starting the engine, a jammed handbrake - just a small list of problems that motorists regularly face during cold snaps. Get ready in advance!
* Pre-treat the body with wax compounds that will protect the metal from moisture and chemicals. For example, you can order such a service at a car wash. Or use the wax polish yourself.
* A frozen door guarantees several minutes of nervous running around the car. Therefore, use special water-repellent compounds - silicone lubricants. They are designed to treat the surface of rubber bands and prevent the doors from freezing.
* You can protect the wipers from freezing with the help of special covers that are sold in most car dealerships. They protect the surface of the rubber bands from moisture and prevent the wipers from freezing to the glass.

If you do not want to spend money on covers and are afraid of their theft, then you can treat the wipers with silicone grease.
* In order not to stand with a lighter in your hands for warming, you need to take care of protecting the locks from ice in advance. In car dealerships, you can find special sprays with silicone grease, which can be used to treat the lock cylinder. They do not allow water to accumulate in the lock and additionally lubricate the moving mechanisms.
* Remember the Emergency Roadside Assistance number 5070. We'll come, we'll warm it up, we'll turn it on!!!

Agree, it is much better to spend an extra half an hour with a cup of tea at home than to jump around the car on a cold morning.