The reasons for the detention, for which the vehicle (V) can be placed in a special parking lot:
• non-conclusion of the OPAG VTS agreement,
• driving a vehicle without state numbers,
• installation of fake license plates on the vehicle,
• driving a vehicle that has a malfunction of the brake system,
• improper parking or parking;
• non-compliance with the requirements of operation,
• and etc.

If you have eliminated the reasons for the detention, you have the right to pick up the vehicle. Of course, if you have not been deprived of a driver's license.

The vehicle can be picked up from the impound until the fine is paid, but the fine must be paid no later than 30 days from the date the decision on the fine comes into force.

You can find out information about the place of impoundment of the vehicle by calling 102 and giving the license plate number and the place where the car was taken from.

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