Computer diagnostics

An on-site computer diagnostics service for any malfunction of your car is not only convenient, but also profitable. As practice shows, many problems can be fixed on-site, meaning you will save on a tow truck service. Modern diagnostics equipment and experience of our mechanics will help you quickly detect the cause of a malfunction in your car and, if possible, have it fixed. Universal scanners allow diagnose electronic control systems in cars of various brands.

But even if it is not possible to fix the malfunction on-site, you will receive comprehensive information about the cause of the breakdown and recommendations from our repair experts.

Computer diagnostics

We provide computer diagnostics services throughout the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In the following cities: Almaty computer diagnostics, Astana computer diagnostics, Aktau computer diagnostics, Aktobe computer diagnostics, Atyrau computer diagnostics, Zhezkazgan computer diagnostics, Karaganda computer diagnostics, Kokshetau computer diagnostics, Konaev computer diagnostics, Kostanay computer diagnostics, Kyzylorda computer diagnostics, Pavlodar computer diagnostics, Petropavlovsk computer diagnostics, Rudny computer diagnostics, Semey computer diagnostics, Taldykorgan computer diagnostics, Taraz computer diagnostics, Turkestan computer diagnostics, Uralsk computer diagnostics, Ust-Kamenogorsk computer diagnostics, Shymkent computer diagnostics, Ekibastuz computer diagnostics.

On-site computer diagnostics

The service is necessary if: - the engine suddenly stalled - the gearbox does not shift gears or there is a knocking or jerking sound when shifting - the check light came on - the car does not start - the engine began to run unevenly, power decreased - increased fuel consumption - ABS, ESP, etc. won’t work - climate and cruise control are out of order - other faults with electronics.

An on-site computer diagnostics service will also be invaluable when purchasing used car. You do not have to waste your time on the road and waiting at a car service center. Within half an hour you will know everything about the status of the car and will quickly make the right decision.

The cost of services outside the city consists of the cost of the service and the cost of the specialist trip outside the city (along the highway) - 400 tenge per 1 km.

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