Defence of the rights of passengers in road transport

This service is aimed at ensuring the legitimate interests of citizens in case of violation of their rights in the process of road transport. This is important because every day thousands of people use public and private vehicles, and, unfortunately, their rights are not always respected properly.

The service defending the rights of passengers in road transport includes several key aspects:

Defence of the rights of passengers in road transport

Establishing the fact of violation of the rights of passengers

First of all, specialists work to collect and analyze evidence of violations of the rights of passengers. This may include examination of ticket documents, audio and video recordings, witness statements, and other materials that may confirm the fact of a violation.

Support in defending the rights of passengers

Experts provide professional support in interaction with carriers, insurance companies and government agencies. This includes assistance in preparing the necessary documents, legal advice and representation of the client’s interests in these organizations.

Interaction with judicial authorities on issues of defending the rights of passengers

If the issue cannot be resolved pre-trial, specialists can accompany the client throughout the entire legal process, ensuring the defence of his/her rights and legitimate interests.

Notarized power of attorney and service agreement

To begin work, you will need to issue a notarized power of attorney and sign a service agreement. This is necessary to formally represent the client’s interests and perform all necessary procedures in accordance with the legislation.

In general, this service is necessary to ensure fairness and respect for the rights of passengers. In modern society, where cases of unfair treatment of passengers often occur, such legal support becomes not only important, but also a necessary component of defending the rights of passengers.