Defence of interests in case of damage to a car in a road accident

Road traffic accidents (RTAs) can be unpredictable and have serious consequences. At such moments, having an experienced lawyer becomes not just an important condition, but also necessary to defend your rights and interests. LiTRO legal advisers provide comprehensive legal support in a wide variety of road traffic accident situations.

Defence of interests in case of damage to a car in a road accident

When do you need the help of a Car Lawyer?

Causing material damage in a road traffic accident

If your car or other property was damaged as a result of an accident, legal assistance is necessary to recover damages and losses from the culprit or the insurance company.

Controversial situations in case of road traffic accident

In cases where the circumstances of the road traffic accident are unclear or there is a dispute about guilt, a legal adviser will help to understand the situation.

Road traffic accident causing harm to health

When you are injured in a road traffic accident, it is important to ensure proper compensation not only for material damage in the form of treatment and rehabilitation costs, but also for moral damage.

Road traffic accident with uninsured or unknown participants (leaving the scene of a road traffic accident)

Sometimes unpleasant situations arise when the culprit is not insured or leaves the scene of a road traffic accident, which complicates the process of compensation for damage. In such cases, you will need legal assistance to determine a course of action and recover damages caused by the accident.

Mass road traffic accidents

Major accidents involving multiple vehicles require detailed analysis and a professional approach to resolve the situation. To get advice and start cooperation, contact us at the short number 5070. We are ready to help you in this difficult moment and ensure maximum defence of your interests.

What do we offer?

Qualified advice

Our specialists will help you understand all the legal aspects of a road traffic accident, provide advice on insurance payments, car repairs and damage compensation.

Support at all stages

We take care of your case from the beginning until the full resolution of all issues, including interaction with insurance companies, experts and law enforcement agencies.

Legal defence in court

If the case comes to court, we guarantee you professional representation and defence of your interests at a high level.