Legal advice

A car is not only a convenience, but also a great responsibility. Along the way, various situations may arise that require legal support. Our team of qualified lawyers is ready to provide oral advice on all issues related to motor transport. We will help you understand the nuances of the legislation and provide reliable support in the following cases:

Legal advice

Advice in case of a road traffic accident:

● Algorithm of actions in case of a road traffic accident ● Europrotocol ● Correct registration of road traffic accidents ● Interaction with accident participants and law enforcement agencies ● Disputes about guilt and damages.

Advice on road traffic regulations:

● Defence of drivers’ rights in disputes with the traffic police; ● Legal assistance in clarifying traffic rules; ● Advice on liability for violations of road traffic regulations.

Insurance payments and insurance disputes:

● Помощь в получении страховых выплат; ● Disputes with insurance companies; ● Advices on CASCO and issues of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (compulsory insurance).

The benefits of timely oral legal advice

Saving time and money A preliminary advice helps to correctly assess the situation and avoid additional costs.

Qualified support Receiving up-to-date and verified information from specialists in the field of automobile law.

Preventing legal errors Correct execution of documents and actions in accordance with the law.

Defending your interests Help in difficult and controversial situations, minimizing risks.