Participation in a 1-instance civil court after a road traffic accident

After a road traffic accident (RTA), each stage of the trial requires a professional approach and careful preparation. At LiTRO, we offer a full range of legal services to represent our clients at all levels of civil proceedings.

Legal support at all stages of legal proceedings after a road traffic accident. We offer services for participation in the civil court of 1, 2- and 3-instances.

Participation in a 1-instance civil court after a road traffic accident

Participation in a 1-instance civil court after a road traffic accident

The 1-instance court is the initial stage of civil proceedings, at which LiTRO legal advisers are engaged in a comprehensive study of the case (civil dispute), collecting the necessary evidence, preparing and filing statements of claim and other procedural documents. We undertake full representation of clients’ interests in court, striving to achieve the most favorable result already at this stage.

To start working with us, you need to conduct an initial advice, during which a plan of action will be determined. Next, to represent the client’s interests, you will need to issue a notarized power of attorney and conclude a service agreement.

In what cases do people go to civil court after a road traffic accident?

Applying to a civil court after a road traffic accident may be necessary in the following cases: • Recovery of damages caused by a road traffic accident. • Resolution of disputes regarding insurance payments. • Appealing actions or inactions of insurance companies. • Availability of claims related to compensation for moral damage.

Time limits for consideration of the case in a 1-instance civil court

The time limits for a civil court case may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the court’s workload. Typically this takes from several weeks to several months.

Why is it important to contact professionals? Qualified legal assistance significantly increases the chances of a successful case resolution and helps to avoid mistakes in the process of filing claims and collecting evidence. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most favorable outcome of their case, saving them time and money.