Disputing an insurance company’s valuation in a road traffic accident

Have you encountered a situation where the insurance company’s valuation of the damage to your car after an accident seems unfair to you? Don’t ignore this. Legal assistance can be a key factor in defending your rights and interests.

Disputing an insurance company’s valuation in a road traffic accident

When is legal adviser needed?

● If the amount of compensation offered by the insurance company seems insufficient to you. ● When the damage valuation process did not include all necessary expertise. ● If the insurance company does not take into account the characteristics of your car or the damage caused by the road traffic accident. ● In cases where the insurance company delays payments or denies compensation.

What do we offer?

Full legal analysis of documents

We will conduct a detailed analysis of your case and collect all the necessary documents.

Representation of your interests

Our legal advisers will represent your interests in insurance companies, government and other organizations.

Legal support at all stages

From initial advice to receiving fair compensation.

Organization of independent expertise

If necessary, we will organize an independent expertise to accurately assess the damage.

Trust the Professionals

Don't have the time or information to dispute the insurance company's valuation yourself? LiTRO legal advisers are ready to take on all the worries, representing your interests on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.