Control over enforcement proceedings

LiTRO Car Lawyer offers qualified assistance in the field of control over enforcement proceedings. Our task is to help you obtain the amounts due under enforcement documents, as well as to ensure the legality and effectiveness of the collection procedure.

Control over enforcement proceedings

Stages of our work:

Advice support At the first stage, we provide professional advice on all aspects of enforcement proceedings, including clarification of your rights and obligations.

Collection of documentation We help in collecting all the necessary documents to transfer the case to a private enforcement bailiff. This includes writs of execution, court decisions, documents confirming your right to collect.

Execution control Legal advisers constantly monitor the progress of enforcement proceedings, making sure that all procedural norms and deadlines are observed.

Assistance for vehicle owners We provide specialized assistance to vehicle owners in the procedure for obtaining funds under enforcement documents, including advice on the arrest and sale of vehicles.

In what cases may this “Control over enforcement proceedings” service be needed:

Non-fulfillment of debt obligations

If the debtor does not fulfill his/her obligations under a court decision, our assistance will be necessary to control and speed up the collection process.

Problems with bailiffs

When there are obstacles or delays in the work of bailiffs, our monitoring will ensure an effective solution.

The need to defend property rights

Assistance to owners of vehicles and other property that have been seized as part of enforcement proceedings.

Advice and support in difficult situations

Providing legal support in non-standard and complex cases of enforcement proceedings.

By contacting LiTRO, you receive reliable support at all stages of enforcement proceedings. We are aimed at achieving maximum results in the interests of our clients.